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    The AICT Cognitive Therapy Podcast

    Cognitive Therapy is a cutting edge psychotherapy, so it’s no surprise that cognitive therapists and researchers are always exploring new ways to help their patients overcome their problems. Dr. Robert L. Leahy and the staff of The American Institute for Cognitive Therapy have developed this podcast to bring news about advances in Cognitive Therapy directly to you, in a simple and “user-friendly” way. Please feel free to subscribe to this podcast here, or through the itunes music store, to discover our regular updates about the ever-evolving world of Cognitive Therapy.



Substance Abuse Miniseries by Dr. Graham Reynolds

1. Substance Abuse Disorders: An Introduction

2. Substance Use Disorders: Marijuana
3. Substance Use Disorders: Tobacco and Prescription Medications
4. Substance Use Disorders: Treatment
5. Substance Use Disorders: Club Drugs and Over the Counter Medications
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