Myths About Personality Disorders

Myths About Personality Disorders

The battle with mental health can be difficult to win alone. This is especially compounded by the fact that popular depictions about people with personality disorders and other mental health struggles shed a bad light on those who are already going through enough. Unfortunately, these myths about personality disorders continue to circulate. The result can make affected folks feeling too invisible to reach out for help. Personality disorder myths aren’t just inaccurate, but they are harmful.

Myths About Personality Disorders

Keep reading as we bust some of the most perpetuated myths about specific mental health disorders that are more pervasive in our society than you may know. Additionally, find out how you can invest in a future of happiness and health improvement with the right personality disorders treatment.

Those with personality disorders don’t have normal lives.

Living with a personality disorder is not easy. But it can be very manageable with the right set of tools and eager self-investment. It is a myth that people with major mental health struggles can never lead normal lives. This is simply untrue; those who are willing to commit to their wellness can make great strides in managing the symptoms of their condition. At the same time, they can achieve great strides in our society like everyone else.

Personality disorders always come from some form of childhood trauma.

Depending on the type of personality disorder you are diagnosed with, this may or may not be true. It can be stigmatizing to assume that everyone with a personality disorder comes from a similar background of experiences conflated by childhood trauma and parental abuse. That said, some conditions – like borderline personality disorder – prove much more likely to have evolved over the years as a coping mechanism. As attempts to deal with trauma from a young age. Other types of mental health issues might prove traced to environment or genetics. But they do not necessarily imply that someone had a rough upbringing.

People with personality disorders manipulate and abuse others.

Again, it is important to avoid stereotypes when trying to gain a deeper understanding of the way personality disorders work. Manipulation is used by many affected folks as the only coping mechanism for survival and the only successful tactic that gets the person what they want. Unfortunately, a lot of unaddressed mental health symptoms can lead to this person engaging in toxic behavior with others. However, personality disorders are not always synonymous with manipulation. Many people are aware of their symptoms and are working to reframe their mindset in order to avoid hurting themselves or others.

Anyone suffering from a personality disorder is a dangerous person.

There is nothing dangerous or untrustworthy about having to deal with an illness. People deal with all different types of illnesses that affect them in many different ways, and it is important that we as a society embrace those differences. If someone seems unstable, it is likely a result of a lack of access to proper healthcare. It can turn out common for people struggling with their mental health to feel a range of different emotions throughout the day. But that does not mean that mentally ill folks prove any more dangerous than other types of folks.

You can’t treat personality disorders.

Another myth that is pervasive to the point of harm is the idea that personality disorders are untreatable. This furthers the stigma against those suffering, who are already struggling to gain visibility and validity in their mental health struggles. There are many real and effective treatments for all mental health needs, from cognitive behavioral therapy to psychological medication prescription. Everyone operates differently. And it can prove highly beneficial to work with a team of experts who will help you find the right solution for your mental maladies.

Reframe Your Mind with Professional Cognitive Therapy Today

Society’s stigmas have created a lot of myths that shroud the reality of living with a personality disorder. The media may spell it out like it’s the end of the world. But in reality, there are plenty of ways to get good and affordable treatment. You can invest in behavioral therapy in NYC when you reach out to our friendly experts today. You have the power to support your own wellness!