Signs You Are Stressed But Don’t Know It

Signs You Are Stressed But Don’t Know It

Stress is often referred to as the silent assailant or even the silent killer. Stress is an underlying contributor to so many different ailments and conditions that it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. If you are like most American adults, you are probably showing signs you are stressed but don’t know it.

Signs You Are Stressed But Don’t Know It

Identifying the nature and source of your stress is the first step to decreasing the amount of stress you have in your life. At Cognitive Therapy NYC, we can help you find ways to identify and work through your stress, so it does not have such a big impact on your everyday life. You may not realize it. But stress can really affect:

  • Your ability to focus
  • Being able to perform well at work
  • And even enjoy your social life


Does your job make you feel insecure or uncomfortable? Whether you work in an office or you are trying to navigate a virtual workspace, you may come across some moments where you don’t feel like you are doing a good job. Perhaps you have been asked to lead a presentation or contribute to a meeting and you feel concerned. You don’t want to lose your job or suffer any more losses, but you aren’t feeling great about your work. This is a clear sign that you have stress!

Financial Troubles

Are you having a hard time staying on top of your finances, even with a stable job? If so, you aren’t alone. But the way this can make you feel is an indicator that you might have high levels of stress. Everyone gets stressed about money. But if you are feeling more anxious about it than usual, it is time to work on ways to manage your stress. Fear of losing money should not impede your ability to live every day to the fullest and take advantage of the opportunities you do have.

Working Too Much

You might be burned out from work, but that doesn’t necessarily keep you from working too much. If you are working long hours and filling up your day with your work schedule, you might be more stressed than you realize. This can also contribute to the feeling of imposter syndrome, which describes the feeling that you aren’t good enough for your work – or that everyone else is better than you. These beliefs can circulate into negative self-talk that contributes to stress in a number of different ways.

Health Issues

Stress is one of the most common symptoms of a number of health problems. From allergies to more serious conditions, it is easier to get sick when your body is under a lot of stress. Stress might be invisible. But it is something that you can feel in your bones when nothing you do can help you relax. Do you feel that you have been having more health problems than usual lately? It might be time to assess your stress levels with a mental health professional.

Manage Your Stress ASAP!

No matter what the source of your stress may be, it is important to find ways to manage that stress as quickly as possible. At Cognitive Therapy NYC, we specialize in stress therapy sessions and techniques that can help you get back on the path to good health. Stress is a silent contributor to different health and performance issues, which can seriously impact your ability to live every day to the fullest. If you feel overworked and unhealthy, get in touch with our experts and schedule a stress management appointment right away. Get your life back on track and feel better while doing it!