Hesperus di Properzio

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Hesperus di Properzio, Clinical Intern, is a senior Psychology major at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City. She has worked closely with Dr. Michael Wheaton as a research assistant studying obsessive compulsive and related disorders, as well as perfectionism. She also works as a mentor and aide to a woman with developmental disabilities through the non-profit Center for Family Support, helping her de-escalate conflict and navigate daily life. Previously, she has been a teaching assistant and substitute teacher for the elementary grades of Trackers Forest School in Portland, Oregon. Her clinical interests include obsessive-compulsive disorders, trauma, and personality disorders. Post-graduation she plans to pursue her PsyD in Clinical Psychology and eventually work to make psychological services more accessible by providing therapy to at-risk and underserved populations. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, rock climbing, and exploring the City.

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Dr. Hesperus di Properzio
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