Parenting Skills and Family Enrichment Program

The American Institute for Cognitive Therapy is pleased to announce that we are currently accepting referrals for the Parenting Skills and Family Enrichment program for any parents with children between ages 4 and 17.  This treatment provides education and support to parents by increasing their knowledge of child development, introducing skills to promote behavioral changes, and strengthening communication and relationships with their children.

Please contact our support staff to
schedule a consultation at or

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Set and implement house rules
  • Structure effective daily routines
  • Promote and maintain new positive behaviors
  • Decrease negative and oppositional behaviors (including time-outs for young children and assigning work chores for teens)
  • Create effective channels of communication within your household

Treatment is made up of five modules: 

  1. Stages of Child Development and Goal-Setting
  2. Structure and Routine
  3. Positive Reinforcement
  4. Effective Discipline
  5. Communicating with Your Child

All modules can be tailored to children’s age groups. Parents have the option of participating in a group format or attending personalized parenting consultation sessions. Each session consists of brief assessment, psychoeducation regarding new skills, hands-on practice to apply new skills, and discussion. Parents have the option of attending any extra sessions in order to target specific concerns such as aggressive behavior or school refusal. Homework is assigned in order to generalize skills into parents’ households and to facilitate discussion around resolving problems in implementing new techniques.

Private parenting consultations can be scheduled as needed.

If you are interested in learning more please contact our intake coordinator at or 212-308-2440.

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