DBT Graduate Group

Each week, we’ll cover one module and highlight its most useful skills.   I’ll be sending out a poll later today to get your ideas about the specific skills you might like us to review within each module.

  • 9/14 : Mindfulness Skills Review
  • 9/21 : Distress Tolerance Skills Review
  • 9/28 : Emotion Regulation Skills Review.
  • 10/5 : Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills Review

We’ll be meeting virtually on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 – 8:00. You’ll be committing to attend all four sessions. I’ll send a Zoom link and a reminder to you each Monday evening before the group meets.

Fee: $100 per session

Please contact our support staff to
schedule a consultation at or intake@cognitivetherapynyc.com
Cognitive Therapy
Substance Abuse Miniseries by
Dr. Graham Reynolds