Tips of The Week

Can Nutrition Affect Mental Health?

Concept image showing relationship of nutrition and mental health

It’s no secret that a well-rounded meal can be the best thing for your health. But the benefits of eating good don’t just affect you physically. Studies have shown that nutrition can affect mental health as well. If you are looking to improve your emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and physical well-being, you might want to start … Read more

Myths About Childhood Behavior

Child complaining and showing aggressive childhood behavior

Many new parents worry that their child’s behavior is abnormal. While every individual expresses themselves in different ways, slight alterations from what is considered the norm can send up a lot of alarms. It’s important that parents work to develop a comfortable lifestyle and understanding of their child’s behavior. Let’s knock out some myths about … Read more

Myths About Personality Disorders

Concept image meant to illustrate some myths about personality disorders

The battle with mental health can be difficult to win alone. This is especially compounded by the fact that popular depictions about people with personality disorders and other mental health struggles shed a bad light on those who are already going through enough. Unfortunately, these myths about personality disorders continue to circulate. The result can … Read more

Ways Social Media Triggers Eating Disorders

Woman saddened by social media.

With social media entering its second decade of existence, the long-term effects of its use really have to be considered. Children growing up in schools are more exposed to social media than ever; therefore, it has a much bigger influence on their lives. Unfortunately, our behavioral health experts have been noticing the consistent ways social … Read more

Myths About Bipolar Disorder

Concept image of bipolar disorder.

Most people get their wealth of information through the media. Unfortunately, the media has never done a good job portraying mental health issues in an accurate way. In fact, most movies and TV shows tend to villainize mental and personality traits such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. This has led society to find those suffering … Read more

PTSD is More Common Than You Think

Hands showing PTSD written out in tiles.

Everyone knows that trauma is something that can stay with you forever. No matter the situation that caused trauma, processing it is a lifelong journey. Now that the world is starting to change the type of conversations that people are having about mental health, it’s becoming easier to recognize and therefore cope with different types … Read more

Films that Got Mental Illness Wrong

Illustration of two heads representing mental illness.

Everyone loves a thrilling story with relatable characters. Many popular movies and TV shows over the years have portrayed different types of people with different types of struggles. Particularly, plenty of films have depicted those who struggle with different mental illnesses. Let’s look at some of the worst offenders for films that got mental illness … Read more

Hidden Stressors in Life

Man getting anxiety from hidden stressors in life.

Everyone has stress. Stress is natural and good for you to some degree. But too much stress can end up being a huge detriment to your life. Whether you are aware of it or not, you could be dealing with too much stress and strain on your mind. There are so many hidden stressors in … Read more

Seeking Therapy Post-COVID

Seeking therapy post-covid could be good for many people.

As the world crawls slowly back to life and the worst of the global COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, things are starting to change – mostly for the better. Most people had a wide range of mental health experiences since the first lockdown, causing more and more clients to seek helpful therapy services. With the … Read more

Signs You Are Stressed But Don’t Know It

Signs you are stressed but don't know it.

Stress is often referred to as the silent assailant or even the silent killer. Stress is an underlying contributor to so many different ailments and conditions that it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. If you are like most American adults, you are probably showing signs you are stressed but don’t know it. Signs You … Read more

Fall Semester Anxiety? You’re Not Alone

by Aspasia Hotzoglou P.h.D

Fall Semester Anxiety? You’re Not Alone. By Aspasia Hotzoglou, P.h.D. A few months ago it might have been hard to imagine that your semester would include home or dorm quarantines, new campus rules, masks, and social distancing. But now that you are here, there are ways to make the most of this semester. Whether your … Read more

Coping with Distanced Learning During COVID-19

by Aspasia Hotzoglou, Ph.D.

Coping with Distanced Learning During COVID-19 By Aspasia Hotzoglou, P.h.D. You may be excited about no longer needing to walk to your chemistry class if your semester is being completed online. However, distance learning is not easy and for many students feels very different than being in a lecture hall. If you are distance learning … Read more

Coping with Anger During COVID19

by Aspasia Hotzoglou P.h.D

Coping with Anger During COVID19 By Aspasia Hotzoglou, P.h.D. Covid-19 has changed our lives in ways we could not have imagined a few months ago. Tasks that once seemed easy like traveling, getting groceries, or taking a walk are now more difficult and can lead to irritation. While it is normal and expected to notice … Read more

Tips for Managing Alcohol Use During the COVID 19 Pandemic.

by Graham Reynolds, Ph.D.

Coping With Alcohol Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic By Graham Reynolds, Ph.D. Many of us are adjusting to changes in our daily lives as the Coronavirus pandemic continues across the world. Rates of depression and anxiety have increased, and identifying helpful coping strategies has been challenging. One maladaptive strategy is drinking alcohol in order to … Read more

Sudden Loss and Grief

by Laura Oliff, Ph.D.

Sudden Loss and Grief By Laura Oliff, Ph.D. In this time of Covid 19 no one is left untouched by loss and grief either because they have lost a loved one themselves or because someone they know has. There are no definitive stages or time frames for grieving and no absolutes. Grief is emotional, not intellectual, … Read more