Books by the AICT Staff

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Treating Impulsive, Addictive, and Self-Destructive Behaviors: Mindfulness and Modification Therapy
Peggilee Wupperman

Treatment Plans and Interventions for Bulimia and Binge-Eating Disorder
Zweig, Rene D. & Leahy, Robert L.

The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Overcoming Anxiety: Using Compassion-Focused Therapy to Calm Worry, Panic, and Fear
Tirch, Dennis

Mindfulness in Clinical Practice
Tirch, Dennis

End Emotional Eating: Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills to Cope with Difficult Emotions and Develop a Healthy Relationship to Food
Taitz, Jennifer L.

Treatment Plans and Interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders (2nd ed.)
Leahy, R. L., Holland, S. J. F., McGinn, L. K.

Emotion Regulation in Psychotherapy: A Practitioner’s Guide
Leahy, R. L., Tirch, D., Napolitano, L. A.

Beat the Blues Before They Beat You: How to Overcome Depression
Leahy, R. L.

Anxiety Free: Unravel Your Fears Before They Unravel You
Leahy, R. L.

The Worry Cure: Seven Steps to Stop Worry from Stopping You
Leahy, R. L.

The Therapeutic Relationship in the Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies
by Paul Gilbert and Robert L. Leahy

Contemporary Cognitive Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice
Leahy, R. L.

Roadblocks in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy : Transforming Challenges into Opportunities for Change
by Robert Leahy (Editor)

Psychological Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
by Sheri Johnson (Editor), Robert Leahy (Editor)

Cognitive Therapy Techniques : A Practitioner’s Guide
by Robert Leahy (Author)

Overcoming Resistance in Cognitive Therapy
by Robert Leahy

Psychology and the Economic Mind: Cognitive Processes & Conceptualization
by Robert L. Leahy

Clinical Advances in Cognitive Psychotherapy: Theory and Application
by Robert L. Leahy (Editor), E. Thomas Dowd (Editor)

Bipolar Disorder: A Cognitive Therapy Approach
by Cory Frank Newman, Robert L., Ph.D. Leahy, Aaron T., Md Beck, Noreen Reilly, Phd Harrington, Laszlo, MD Gyulai, American Psychological Association, Noreem Reilly-Harrington

Treatment Plans and Interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders.
Leahy, R. L, Stephen J. Holland

Practicing Cognitive Therapy: A Guide to Interventions.
Leahy, R. L.

Cognitive Therapy: Basic Principles and Applications.
Leahy, R. L.

Cognitive Therapy
Substance Abuse Miniseries by
Dr. Graham Reynolds